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Hot chocolate with chipotle chili

October has for some days shown itself from its best side, the sun has been shining and the rain has stayed away. Last weekend I even was walking to the supermarket in just a t-shirt! But then again, the weather reminded us about the season and changed.


Verse, Franse, gerookte en zwarte knoflook

Afgelopen weekend wist ik mijn lieve man over te halen om op knoflookjacht te gaan! Nee, we hebben niet echt knoflook geplukt maar we hebben met wat informatie vanaf internet een tocht gemaakt langs smakelijke adresjes in de stad en omgeving. Over de vangst vertel ik je hier, een hele post over knoflook.


Avocado ice cream with mint and chocolate sauce

If someone would have mentioned a recipe for ice cream made of mainly avocado a few years ago, I would have been thinking he/she was a lunatic. Luckily people change and so do I. I hope you are ready for it as well!


Pointed cabbage with lemon, parmesan and butter

Lemon, parmesan and butter – it simply can’t go wrong! This is something easygoing to make for lunch; it’s comforting, warm and really tasty! 


Kool, kool en nog eens kool

De herfst en de winter zijn de seizoenen om te genieten van alle mogelijke verschillende soorten kool en boerenkool. In mijn familie, werden deze groenten amper gegeten. Mijn moeder hield niet van de geur en smaak. Het ontdekken van kool is voor mij dus een avontuur in latere jaren geweest. En nog steeds moet ik wat verloren tijd inhalen.


Dumplings my way

Last Sunday I was in Amsterdam and the Zeedijk together with my husband. The Zeedijk is full of Chinese restaurants and shops and I always find it very inspiring to be there. The Peking ducks are hanging in the windows and the smell of 5-spices is heavy on the streets.


Stuffed portabello with goat cheese ( a tip for the Saturday dinner)

When eating low carb, I sometimes find myself searching hard for alternatives for the normal carbs that i used to eat (potato, pasta and rice). To convince my husband about the advantages of cutting the carbs, I have to be even more inventive.

Wrap with cabbage and egg

Wrap with cabbage and egg

A few days ago, at our weekly biological market here in Haarlem, i went berserk on al the cabbage that was laying there screaming my name. I bought 4 different kinds of cabbage; pointed, Chinese , Cavalo nero and the oh so hip, green kale.

Side dish with cauliflower leaves and truffel tapenade

I have thrown away pure gold for many, many years but finally i see the light! I’m talking about the green leaves from the cauliflower. Crunchy, easy to spice up and almost for free. Have you been doing the same as I? Well, it is time to stop and actually start using this what we normally maybe would see as something for the green bin. Here is a nice recipe for a fast side dish to go with your meat, fish, omelet etc. And if you happen to get a left over, i have come up with a great quiche (gluten- and nut free) with smoked salmon as well. Two in one, great food on something that you normally maybe would throw away and no food waste. What else can you ask for today? Let’s get to work! Side dish for 4 persons (or 2 if you also like to make the quiche) Ingredients 4 tbs of real butter (don’t use coconut oil for this, it gives a fishy taste to it!) 10,5 oz/300 gr pointed cabbage …

Pumpkin soup

Warm pumpkin soup served with pesto made of black cabbage

It has been raining for days here in the Netherlands. Autumn has really arrived. It is dark in the morning and even darker in the evening. Mornings are cold, the air high. The jacket has been taken out of it’s summer rest. People coughs and sniffles in the train and I dream of hot chocolate and look for new winter boots. No return, the autumn has arrived.