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Wrap with cabbage and egg

Wrap with cabbage and egg

A few days ago, at our weekly biological market here in Haarlem, i went berserk on al the cabbage that was laying there screaming my name. I bought 4 different kinds of cabbage; pointed, Chinese , Cavalo nero and the oh so hip, green kale.

So now I eat cabbage about 3 times a day :0) Well, I’m not complaining!
A separate post is coming about the different cabbage and their characteristics soon under Tastebuds.

But now on for my nice lunch for today. To make the wrap I used a Paleo wrap made of coconut flesh from my favorite raw food store. If you live in the Netherlands, you can buy the wrap here Unlimitedhealth.nl (click on the link).
If you can’t manage to find the wrap, just working with the omelette as a wrap also works but it will be a bit less crunchy. Maybe you could then consider adding some toasted walnuts or pecan to the cabbage and in that way get the crunch?

Let’s get to work!
1 wrap for 1 person

Ingredients omelette 
1 egg
2 tsp Cavalo nero pesto (click on link for earlier recipe)
A splash of water
Salt and pepper
Coconut oil/butter/ghee to bake in

Ingredients for the cabbage
2 big leaves of Chinese cabbage (in total ~ 2,35 oz/70 gr)
3 big leaves of Cavalo Nero (in total ~1,80 oz/50 gr)
2 spring unions (in total ~ 1,35 oz/40 gr)
Coconut oil/ butter/ghee to bake in
A splash of lemon juice
A splash of tasty green olive oil
Salt and pepper
A bit of frozen feta*

1 wrap with turmeric
1/2 avocado

Omelette: How do I do it?
1. Start with making the omelette. Add all above mentioned ingredients to a bowl, whisk it smooth with a fork.
2. Add coconut oil to a small skillet and pour in the egg mix to it when the oil is warm. Bake the omelette on both sides carefully. Pour the ready omelette on a plate and set a side for now.

Cabbage: How do I do it?
1. Cut around the middle nerve in the leave of the Cavalo nero. Keep only the leaves and throw away the nerve itself. Roll up the leaves al together as a cigar and slice the leaves in thin slices.
2. Slice the Chinese cabbage and spring unions.
3. Add some oil or butter to a skillet and add first the Cavalo nero. Let it bake for a few minutes before you add the Chinese cabbage and spring unions.
4. Continue baking until al dente. You might have to add some water to the pan to avoid that it will burn.
5. When ready, finish it off with some nice olive oil, lemon juice and finely grated, frozen feta cheese*. Toss it around so that everything is mixed.

6. Meanwhile the cabbage is baking, heat the paleo wrap in a dry skillet, It should just about get some brown color. Check it carefully as it easily burns!
7. Slice the avocado in thin slices.

It is time to assemble the wrap!
1. Place the baked wrap on a cutting board.
2. Place the egg on top of the wrap.
3. Add the cabbage (on top of the egg) on one side of the wrap.
4. Add the sliced avocado on top and carefully roll up the wrap. Cut in two halves and serve immediately. If you like, you can have some extra Cavalo nero pesto on the side. Enjoy!

*Feta cheese is perfect in the freezer! Whenever you have an open package of feta that you don’t finish in one day, just place it in the freezer in a suitable package and grate it over (preferably with a Microplane grater) any dish whenever. It get’s a very different taste when frozen, very intense so you don’t need so much!


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