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Hemelse pure chocolademousse

Tijdens de feestdagen of andere gelegenheden is het leuk om een grand dessert te maken. Maar ook is het fijn als je wat tijd aan je gasten kunt besteden. En dan is het handig als je al iets van tevoren kan maken wat niet al te veel werk is en niet te veel kost. Ik heb de oplossing voor je; een rijke hemelse bittere chocolademousse. En als bonus, er zit nauwelijks suiker in enis volledig in overeenstemming met LCHF.

Gezonde chocolade fudge met dadels en Ice chocolade

Deze kerst is anders dan anders voor mij. Het is de eerste kerst zonder mijn vader die eerder dit jaar is overleden. Ik ben vooral in deze tijd veel bezig met herinneringen en ik heb moeite om het normale kerstgevoel in me toe te laten. 

Soft gingerbread with white beans and pecans

Almost christmas! The different taste and smell that comes to my mind when I think about christmas would be saffron, cinnamon, Seville (bitter) orange, cloves, ginger and lots of different kind of dried fruits and nuts. In other words, high time to start using some of these spices.

Creamy soup with celeriac

Maybe you actually made the complete oven-cooked celeriac sunday? And you did your utmost best to finish it but still you are left with half of it (that’s what happened to me with my 2 kilo celeriac at least)? Congratulations, this is a fresh start of a vegetarian soup for lunch or dinner!


Pumpkin with halloumi, tomato sauce and lots of flavors!

Last week, we had guests for dinner. I was doubting what to serve, my thoughts were going everywhere, unable to decide. Until an hour before the guests arrived, I still hadn’t made up my mind!


Smooth cashew yoghurt with homemade granola

On internet and in different cooking books you can find recipes for cashew yoghurt. A great alternative if you want to cut milk products in your diet and still enjoy creamy yoghurt.

Raw_chocolate_and_orange_cake _with_cashew

Raw chocolate and orange cake with cashew

A few weeks ago, I had a post on the blog with homemade bread and a bitter orange marmalade. The same evening that I had made it, I had a vision about the marriage of the tastes marmalade, cashew nuts and chocolate. I had to try it! And it turned out really great, I just have to share it with you!


Comfort food: Filled pancakes for lunch, dinner or breakfast

I’m a weather person, I can’t help it. The light and the sun, the clouds and the rain have an impact on me (as for many others I presume). The autumn season have finally hit The Netherlands with rain and a bit lower temperatures (even though we have had the warmest October here ever according to the news). The darkness makes it tempting to stay inside, light some candles and eat real comfort food. So I do!


Homemade paneer with pak choi and curry

Did you ever try paneer (or panir as you also see sometimes)? It is an Indian cheese that you can fry and add to al different kinds of sauces. It has a lovely crisp when fried and is a perfect vegetarian alternative when you are longing for something crunchy and filling. And the best thing, it is super easy to make yourself at home with just a few ingredients.


Breakfast with bread and bitter orange marmalade

I have always been a breakfast person, I wake up and I’m hungry. When trying to cut the carbs, you every now and then have to think twice what to eat for breakfast. Often I just have a baked egg or some yoghurt with homemade granola but every now and then I miss the easygoing of just having a sandwich.