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Dreaming of summer… Easy-going tomato salad

Oh summer, where did you go?
You came too late this year and you ran away way too fast. I’m left with memories of warmth, soft winds and coffee outside. I dream of warm nights, thin blankets and poor sleep (due to the unbearable heat to be honest). The recall of fresh, sun warmed berries exploding in my mouth. Walking barefoot. Dressing in loose shirts.
Life is somehow more simple in the summer. Less worries. More fun. Simple.

August and september make the tomatoes taste at it’s best; the sun have done it’s work, the water has been running, the soil has been generous with it’s nutrients and the gardener has giving the plants all his love.
I’m here with my loss for summer but find myself standing with perfectly red tomatoes in my hand. The simple life can proceed for another short while.

Let’s get to work
(for 2 persons as side dish or for 1 person as lunch)

2 ripe tomatoes (preferably biological if possible)
1 mozzarella (oh yes, if you can get the real buffalo deal even better)
Scallion in thin slices
Olive oil (the greenest you can find and with a solid taste of green grass)
Maldon salt en fresh grained pepper
Oregano and maybe some fresh basil if you wish like to make it a bit more fancy

Slice it, splash the oil and sprinkle the herbs. Enjoy!

Filed under: Diner, Glutenvrij, Groenten, LCHF, Lunch, Tastecelebration, Vegetarisch


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