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Chocolate and lavender balls

In Sweden we are all brought up with chocolate balls. I believe it is the first cake you often are allowed to make on your own for your parents if you are about five years old. Chokladbullar.
All you need are your hands, a bowl and some ingredients. No oven needed.
Comfortable also for a grown-up with just a desperate need for a little sweet something.
I have made them slightly different then in my youth but just as good.

Let’s get to work!

2 dl hazelnut flour, grained coconut or sunflowers (separate or combined)
1 teaspoon of lavender
1 tablespoon of raw cacao
1 teaspoon of grained raw vanilla bean
1-2 teaspoon of Sukrin Gold (or equal sweetener of choice, honey, agave etc)
A small pinch of flaky sea salt, preferably Maldon
75 gram real butter

Plus some extra  of grained coconut or hazelnut flour

Pour all dry ingredients in your household blender, let it really be mixed. The lavender should be in very small pieces when ready.
When all grained, add the butter. Run the blender until you have an equal paste. Roll into bite-sized pieces and finally dip them in a bit of  grained coconut or hazelnut flour. Let them cool of in the refrigerator and enjoy them with a cup of strong coffee.


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